Fibromyalgia or Depression?

There are many people, especially doctors, who claim that fibromyalgia is just a symptom of depression. I’ve had both, and I know the difference quite well. They are very, very different. Being in pain all the time can certainly lead to depression. That’s just logical. There are, however, people who have fibromyalgia who are not […]

May 24, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · 4 Comments
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Cortisol and FMS and CFS/ME?

There’s been a lot of buzz over the past week about a study published in the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that suggests treating fibromyalgia and ME/CFS with cortisol (a steroid), based on the fact that most patients have low cortisol levels. I do not have access to that publication, but would like to point […]

March 22, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · 5 Comments
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Responses to various comments about ME and FMS

Some of the comments are pretty old by now, but there are certain themes that come back, over and over again. I’ve decided to answer them once, and that’s it. ME and FMS are not “lifestyle” diseases. Researchers have found genetic, neurological and cardiological anomalies, so get off that blame-the-victim bullshit. We know better. We’ve […]

January 23, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · 8 Comments
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