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Review: Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease

I read Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease by Rosalind Joffe and Joan Friedlander a few months back, but for some reason my review on Amazon never showed up, and I didn’t think to keep a copy for myself. It seems to finally be there now, so I’ll put it here, too (slightly expanded). This book […]

May 29, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · One Comment
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Free Screen Magnifier Software

This isn’t where I usually get geeky, but I think this utility might be useful to many readers. I get notices from the Giveaway of the Day and Game Giveaway Of the Day sites each day as to what they have available that day. They make arrangements with various software publishers to distribute commercial software […]

February 23, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · No Comments
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The Value of Education for Chronic Illness Patients

Paula Kamen, author of All In My Head, talks about the value of education in coping with chronic illness in an excellent editorial in the New York Times. Leaving the Rabbit Hole. This passage, in particular, spoke to me: The worst thing, to me, about having a non-stop multi-year headache isn’t necessarily the pain. Or […]

February 19, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · One Comment
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New Resource:

Curehunter is an interesting addition to our online toolbox. It’s a visual medical dictionary. Here’s part of what it gives me when I look up fibromyalgia:

November 24, 2007 · Cyn Armistead · No Comments
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Episode 4

Episode 4 The first episode in the new, shorter format, recorded on my very own microphone. Thank you for your patience in waiting for it! Most of today’s show is about audio entertainment and information, which is great when the fatigue is so bad that listening is one of the few things we can do. […]

October 29, 2006 · Cyn Armistead · No Comments
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