Fight Brain Fog!

Or, at the very least, give yourself more resources to fight it! Cognitive abilities are like muscles, in that they have to be developed and exercised regularly, even stretched to keep them flexible. We can’t necessarily avoid the cognitive deficits that come with some of our illnesses, or as a side effect of our medications. […]

July 15, 2012 · Cyn Armistead · One Comment
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Why Can’t We Think Well When We’re Sick?

This isn’t specifically about CFS/ME or FMS, but I found it interesting, and I think it makes sense. Why Mental Lethargy When Sick During an infection, humans typically experience a set of physiological and psychological symptoms, including fever, confusion, decreased motivation, depression and anxiety that are accompanied by a slowing of movements. These changes, collectively […]

June 12, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · One Comment
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