Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Fibrant Living collects no information about visitors other than the following.

First, I use Google Analytics for basic information about visitors. Google Analytics uses web cookies, which gather completely anonymous information about you. If you have chosen to block cookies in your web browser, you won’t miss any content on this site.

Second, if you leave a comment here, you’ll be asked for a name and an email address and given an opportunity to leave a link to your web site, if you wish to do so. The name can be a “handle” or your real name—that’s completely up to you. The web link is just so that I or other readers can visit your site, which will increase your visitors.

Spammers usually leave comments with bogus email addresses, so your comment is more likely to be screened out as spam if you don’t use a real address. Other than notifying you of responses if you choose that option, I don’t use your email address for anything. I won’t put you on any kind of mailing list, and I will not ever sell, trade, or otherwise allow anyone access to your information. I cannot even begin to express how much I loathe spammers and scammers, but rest assured, they will not ever get any cooperation from me.

Technically, the email addresses and names left in comments are collected in a database that lives on a server at my web host. My life partner, Sam Chupp, and the technicians at the web host are the only other people who have access to that database. The only reason anyone at the web host would have for accessing the database would be for troubleshooting purposes. Sam is bound by the same policy I’m stating here.

I can’t conceive of any situation in which I would come into any confidential medical information, but should I do so, I will hold it in confidence and will not release it unless I am required to do so by a legal authority which has jurisdiction in the matter. If the person whose information I am trying to protect is able and willing to provide me with legal counsel, that will increase the feasibility of me protecting your confidentiality.

Finally, Fibrant Living site will always comply with all legal requirements concerning medical and personal information privacy applicable in Dekalb County, Georgia, and the United States.

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