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Canaries Are Us

Have you ever heard of how miners used to use canaries to test the air in mines? The birds would get ill, or even die, from bad air much more quickly than humans would realize that the air was bad, allowing the humans to get out of the mine. Those of us who have serious […]

July 6, 2012 · Cyn Armistead · One Comment
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Why Can’t We Think Well When We’re Sick?

This isn’t specifically about CFS/ME or FMS, but I found it interesting, and I think it makes sense. Why Mental Lethargy When Sick During an infection, humans typically experience a set of physiological and psychological symptoms, including fever, confusion, decreased motivation, depression and anxiety that are accompanied by a slowing of movements. These changes, collectively […]

June 12, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · One Comment
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Oxygen for CFS?

A research abstract from Dr. Paul Cheney offers an interesting conclusion. Oxygen Toxicity as a Locus of Control for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome “We conclude that CFS is an oxygen toxic state and that oxygen toxicity status appears to determine outcome in therapeutic trials and is therefore, a locus of control in chronic fatigue syndrome.” The […]

May 27, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · One Comment
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Fibromyalgia or Depression?

There are many people, especially doctors, who claim that fibromyalgia is just a symptom of depression. I’ve had both, and I know the difference quite well. They are very, very different. Being in pain all the time can certainly lead to depression. That’s just logical. There are, however, people who have fibromyalgia who are not […]

May 24, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · 4 Comments
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Interview: Chronic Pain and Sex

The interview we did is up! Chronic Pain and Sex: a Couple’s Gentle Battle With Fibromyalgia I’m pleased with it. There are very few, mostly immaterial inaccuracies.

May 14, 2008 · Cyn Armistead · No Comments
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