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I mentioned in the first podcast that I follow numerous online resources. As there’s no way I could list all of them in one post, I’ll just menion one at a time in case they’re interesting to others, too. I’ll collect the links here, so you can always go back to find them all together, or just check the posts in the category Resources.

Fibrom-L is the biggest and oldest of the email lists for FMS patients, as far as I know. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming, and I cannot personally seem to keep the rules about which subject line to use when posting about what straight in my head. It is, however, a good resource, if you can handle an extremely high-volume list. There are several well-known health professionals who participate in the list and answer questions, which gives members a marvelous opportunity to ask questions of experts on the forefront of FM/CFS treatment.

While I could not find a web site for the list itself, the page linked above gives an excellent history of the list, and you can find directions for subscribing and using the list here.


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